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More than fifteen years of work have so far gone into the Daumier website ( and the Daumier Register (, the interactive Catalogue Raisonné on the Internet.


The WEBSITE is constantly updated with new information about Daumier, events, news, publications, exhibitions etc. etc.


The DAUMIER REGISTER is since its completion in Summer 2015 the first work catalogue on Daumier's entire oeuvre, featuring the 4'000 LITHOGRAPHS, the 1'000 WOOD ENGRAVINGS, the 550 OIL PAINTINGS, the 100 SCULPTURES and the 1'900 DRAWINGS. You have every information available free of charge on the Internet!


The time involved is beyond imagination and the costs for computer and programming are high. If you enjoy the websites and if you make use of the tools that are available free of charge, please give a thought to the costs that need to be covered in order to keep the two sites alive and regularly updated. We would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.


We invite you to become a sponsor: hit the PAYPAL-DONATE button and help us guarantee the future of the two Daumier websites. Your name will appear on the donors list (if you agree). Any amount you can donate is highly appreciated.






Sponsors of the DAUMIER REGISTER


Our sincere thanks go to these generous sponsors of the



John Wardroper, UK

James King, USA

Benoist Castera, USA

Judith Wechsler, USA - multiple donations

Cassandra Fusco, NZ

John M. Fickewirth, USA

Pierre Epifanie, FR

Moeller Fine Art, Achim Moeller, USA

Richard Bready, USA

Dirk Fabricius, DE


Joachim Wortmann, DE

Michele Bond

Barbara J. Farrington, USA

Paul Isaac, USA

David F. Bartlett, USA

Michael Gale, USA

Caroline Strobbe, USA

Michael Habstritt, USA

Carol Coe, FR

Paul Bason, UK

Antje Barsch, DE

Pierre Epifanie, FR

Thom Dieben, NL

Anne Freeman, AU

Harry Freemantle, AU

Teruo Masuda, JP

Harris Schrank, US

Franz-Josef Sauer, DE

Joel Pittet, CH

Günther Habermann, DE

Judith Wechsler, US

Erich Kirchner, DE

Alain Tarica, CH

Mike Gale, US

Philip Beauregard, US

David F Bartlett, US

John M. Fickewirth, US

Siegfried R. Wagner, DE

Joel Pittet, CH

Mustafa Kocabasi, US

John Jester, US

Richard Bready, US

Joel Pittet, CH

Pro Cultura Genevensis, CH

Kerry Egdell, US

May, Peter, DE

Joel Pittet, CH

Hans-Günter Hörschelmann, DE

Richard Bready, US

Guy de Faramond, FR

Peter Olson, US

Judith Wechsler, US



Last update: March 30, 2018. LIST TO BE CONTINUED.


We welcome any contribution towards the continuation and development of the DAUMIER REGISTER. Thank you in advance.


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