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Daumier license plate














Postcard "Alcoholism You can beat it"

First Day of Issue with stamp, Washington 1981




EntrepĂ´t d'Ivry




Postcard copy of the famous poster by Daumier "EntrepĂ´t d'Ivry" DR4008.




Postcard by Horst Janssen




Postkarte Blei- und Buntstift 1961: "Daumier" ĂĽberzeichnet.

Imitation der Daumier Lithographie DR1374.




A Daumier inspired menu card





A Daumier inspired holiday greeting card



Bernard Lorenceau, the owner of Daumier's drawing DR10337 "Le Pianiste", published a greeting card from this drawing with the text:

Philippe BRAME & Bernard LORENCEAU vous présentent les Meilleurs Voeux pour Noël et la Nouvelle Année

(unsigned lithograph on papier VĂ©lin 19 x 15 cm, opened 19 x 30 cm)








Ceramic plate after Daumier. GRIFFITHS Charles Edmond (graveur, auteur du décor), HAMLET Charles (dit) ; FAIENCERIES DE CREIL & MONTEREAU (auteur du modèle)




Flat tin figure after Daumier.



Engraved on both sides. Masterclass engraving by Franz Carl Mohr. 54mm.






Drawing after a lithograph by Daumier.



Painted on glass by a contemporary artist.




Third Class Carriage



Lucien MATHELIN (1905-1981) - LE WAGON DE II° CLASSE (after DAUMIER) Oil on canvas, signed, 54 X 65 cm


Homage To Daumier



Homage To Daumier by Tarmo Pasto, 1970



Sculpture of five heads



Sculpture caricature in baked clay (terracotta) "Portrait-charge à cinq têtes" showing Honoré Daumier, C.F. Daubigny, J.-J.Grandville, L. Steinheil, Lionne, the dog of A.V. Geoffroy-Dechaume.

about 1850 (?)

CHENILLION Jean-Louis (1810-1875) attributed

The sculpture is at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris







by John GIANNOTTI (2006), "Homage to Daumier". Stone






Statue in bronze of a lawyer after Daumier, placed in Vesoul (France) on the Place du Tribunal.



Wood engraving



by Fritz Eichenberg (1901-1990). "Homage to Daumier"



Caricature after Daumier



Modern caricature AFTER DAUMIER by William Fiesterman (April 17, 2010). To see more about this artist go to



Caricature after Daumier



Modern caricature AFTER DAUMIER by James Gurney on Daumier's politicians.



Three heads



"A´la Honore Daumier ehk kingitus Eesti Rojalistlikule Parteile" / "A´ la Honore Daumier or a Present to the Estonian Royalist Party". 1991.



Delft tile



Ceramic TILE: Sketch after Daumier in delftblue, 15x15 cm, surface glossy.



Delft tile



Handpainted tile after Daumier, 1939, celebrating 100 years of the first Daguerreotype, 6 x 6 inches.



Sheet Music



Daumier face Ă  Don Quichotte: pour flute (jouant aussi en sol et piccolo) et trio Ă  cordes partition et parties. Antoine Duhamel. ISBN 10: M043085072, ISBN 13: 9790043085072. Editor: Gerard Billaudot.



Daumier typeface



"DaumierComique1836", a new typeface by Mercedes Gardner, copyright by Mencho, 2011. The letters are based on Daumier's alphabet DR325. For details about the alphabet and children's book see DR323; DR324;





Elementary School Project



Daumier Portrait Busts - a project of Robinson Elementary School, Manhattan Beach, CA

by Marianne Coble

Poking fun and exaggerating qualities to make a political or social statement was a talent

honed by 19th century caricaturist, sculptor, and painter, Honoré Daumier. In the same manner

as Daumier, the young student sculptors will have the opportunity to extract satirical imagery

from clay. Using basic clay techniques, students will learn to sculpt small busts depicting one of

three 19th century characters. They will have fun pulling and stretching, adding and removing,

then painting clay in an exaggeration of facial features.






Rue Daumier, Paris, around 1910.








Set of Postcards by the Bibliothèque Nationale





Set of 15 Russian Daumier Postcards




Medal by Ronald SEARLE



Ronald SEARLE (1920-2011) Copper relief medallion: Charles Philipon. Diameter 76mm

left: La Poire, a caricature of King Louis Philipe, done by Philipon

middle: drawing of Charles Philipon beating a drum

right: Charles Philipon beating a drum (reverse of the medal)



Ferdinand Bac. Drawing



Ferdinand Bac (1859-1952): Scène humoristque (signed and dated 21.6.1947) 27 cm x 21 cm.


-Qu'est-ce que cet individu?

- un nommé Daumer, à ce qu'ils disent...

- Connais pas...



Daumier's Palais de Justice



Cardboard. Exhibition object, artist unknown. From Collection Schloss Albeck, Germany


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